Sonja composes music in the instrumental genre and specialises in creating themes for use in advertisements, short stories or films. She was born in Pretoria, South Africa. She currently lives in Bloemfontein. She has been composing instrumental music from a young age and has played violin, as first instrument, and piano since she was four years old. She passed the Unisa Grade 8 examination in Violin, Unisa Grade 7 in Piano and Unisa Grade 6 in Music Theory. She has participated and performed in competitions and played violin in national orchestras in Pretoria until she was 18 years old. She currently plays first violin in the Bloemfontein Philharmonic Orchestra.

Sonja is currently a lecturer at a higher education institution. Sonja is a self-trained composer and composes music using her piano and music notation software. She has a passion for and love of music and believes that a song can tell a story in a way that words never can.



In 2016 Sonja was awarded a certificate by the American Songwriting Awards (ASA) as a nominee in the top ten list in the instrumental category for her song entitled “Lion”.

“The American Songwriting Awards is an international, elite-class songwriting competition open to unknowns and working artists who want to be heard, recognized, and rewarded for their songwriting talent. This high-profile annual contest brings together top music industry producers, artists, and songwriters to discover and promote new talent in a format that focuses solely on their ability to write great songs.” – ASA

Nominees and Finalists of the 2016 American Songwriting Awards:


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